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The House of Meats | Deli Meat and Cheese | Decatur, IL Cheeses

Authentic Selection of Deli Meats and Cheeses

Visit the deli section at The House of Meats to purchase high-quality items from our large selection of domestic meats and cheeses. Our extensive inventory is sure to carry all your favorite deli products.

All the meats and cheeses in our deli section are sold by the pound, but special orders are available. Request a special package of any volume you want, and we'll happily oblige you.

Long-lasting delicacies

There's no need to rush through your supply of delicious deli meats from The House of Meats so long as you correctly preserve them.

Enjoy your deli meat anytime

Receive better products and lower prices than you'll find at the grocery store.



Meat shop

All our frozen meats are guaranteed to last for 9 months in the freezer. Just keep them in there and then thaw them out whenever you want.


Our amazing Yellow American cheese is available at $4.99 per lb.